Friday, 7 July 2017

Dragonflies K6

Gretchen's lesson with 5 year olds.

The backgrounds are crayon rubbings. I encouraged overlapping of colours and patterns. The children traded the pattern board they were given, when they wanted a change. They enjoyed this exchanged and were very polite.  

 The dragonflies were drawn first as an observational drawing from photos. Then they made a large dragonfly using vivid markers. I asked them to make their drawing touch all sides of the page is they could.

They cut out the dragonfly, leaving a little paper all the way around so every line is retained. 

The children worked with a buddy to made a giant dragonfly. They began by making a pair of wings each, followed by the body and head. As it was the last day of term, I didn't give too many instructions. They were tired and ready for their holiday. The giant dragonflies were very effective on display.

Ready to hang in the corridor

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

La Coq R9

Gretchen's lesson with 7 and 8 year olds.

 The lesson was based on Picasso's 'La Coq".

We talked about Picasso and the colours he used when he made 'La Coq'.
I gave the children photos of chickens and roosters to observe and make drawings of.

They chose a coloured A3 piece of pastel paper. They used chalk to draw a simple grid on their small drawing and the large page. They transferred the image in chalk, then in black crayon. They added the colour using regular blackboard chalk.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Etched Mandala M12

Gretchen's lesson.

I had photographs of sand mandala's I had taken recently in Tibet. I shared information about mandalas and the children added their own knowledge.

The children made the scratch board first so it had time to dry.
The children prepared a page by covering it with oil pastel, then black paint. The paint has a little dishwash liquid in it to stop it from flaking off when it's scratched.

I gave each child this page to fill in with images that best represent themselves.

Then they created circles within circles and divided them into segments like an orange.

Each segment will contain a different image. The images are drawn in all the segments, creating an interesting pattern that has meaning.

After a practise, the children scratched their images into the dried black paint. The circles were traced around a collection of lids. We talked about which areas could benefit from being
Sand mandala at Sera Monastery in Lhasa Tibet.
Creating images about themselves

 I showed the children how to weave little Matariki stars during the remainder of the day. I used instructions I found online. Origami stars. I simplified them a little, stopping after two rounds and cutting the points at the end.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Fish bowls K4

Gretchen's lesson with 5 year olds.

I scaffolded this lesson very slowly to ensure the children grasped each step. I have taken this collage lesson in the past with good results which is what is required for "Calendar Art".

I think adding the water was the most challenging part for the children. It needed to be sightly smaller than the bowl and not as tall.

I think the picture on the left is upside down. Sorry. It's part of the group photo.


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