Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Beetles K5

5 year olds art.
The children are studying "mini beasts" with their class teacher, Hannah. The children were already motivated about beetles so a discussion about different beetles attributes was thorough. The children filled a page with drawings of different beetles, including beetles they had invented, which they tried to include the attributes that existing beetles have.
They chose one drawing and drew it with pen on a small square card. I asked them to make their beetle touch as many sides of the card as they could. An attempt to keep the beetles large.
They coloured the beetles in using coloured pencils in either only warm or cold colours. The background was to be the opposite.
The beetle was drawn again using black crayon on a large square piece of paper. This time colouring with wax crayon. They scrunched up the page and covered the picture with with cold or hot coloured dye. Little cracks appear in the wax crayon when its scrunched and the dye gets into the cracks. It looks a little like batik.

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  1. I think it's wonderful that each beetle looks different. The colours look wonderful too. Great work.



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