Thursday, 22 June 2017

Matariki stars with Cecilia's GG

Carrie's lesson 5 yr olds

After some observational drawing to start the day, I read the story of Matariki. The class have been doing some work around this already, so it tied in nicely.
We talked about the seven sisters and set about drawing seven stars, I had a few pre-cut stars for those who needed them to draw around. I encouraged them to colour each star differently to represent different personalities using oil pastels.
The background was painted with watercolours and most went with a dark blue or purple night sky.

I had already done a session of printmaking with this class but
 encouraged small groups to come and finish printing outfits
for their Kapa Haka performance next term. I had a few keen participants

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Weaving and more. K7

Gretchen's art day with 6 year olds.

The children prepared a small piece of paper to etch into, by covering it in oil pastel, then black paint. I've found that if they draw a border before colouring, and only paint up to the line, it stops them getting paint all over the table. They practiced drawing their chosen insect while the paint dried in the sun.

Ruling up.

 I prepare one A4 patterned piece of paper and about 6 strips of patterned paper for each child. 

They turned the large piece over and ruled a line across the top (a ruler width down).

Perpendicular to that line, they ruled lines to the bottom, a ruler width apart.

They cut up the perpendicular lines, stopping at the horizontal line each time. This created their warps. They wove their wefts (cut strips) under and over, creating a mat for their insect.

 They put a little dab of PVA under the ends so they would stay in place.

 They scratched their insect into the black paint with a kebab stick. They were cut out and stuck on a yellow page. They cut it out again and placed their insect on the mat.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Colour wheel imagination with Abbie's GG

Carrie's lesson 7-8 yr olds

I tried something different today for the calendar fundraiser art. Colour wheels were our starting point, using primary and  mixed secondary colours. We then brainstormed how the colour wheel could feature in our art. The responses were wheel, beach ball, mouth, snail shell, flower etc they certainly weren't short of ideas. After planning their image on a scrap of paper, they set about working on the final piece. Some found the wheel too big so had to find a circle to draw around to crop the image before starting.

I gave them choices of medium for the background and many used fineliners to highlight some of the details on their design. Great work, Ka Pai!

Bird masks and other props. R9

Gretchen's lesson with 8 year olds

The children are part of a Kapa Haka performance next term. We are creating props for the show. We have made backdrops of Papatuanuku, Rangi and the sun.

We have made stars and clouds.

Today we made bird masks, insects and giant flowers.

The children had a very brief introduction into how they could create a bird mask. I was keen for the masks to be individual. I provided a strip of card, long enough to go around their heads and a little piece of orange or yellow card for a beak.

They made their own feathers to cover the card. They were very creative when making feathers and were very proud of their achievements.

They went on to make an insect for their bird to eat. They used markers and water colour paint. We attached them to a little stick which made them stronger and gave them a handle.

Finally, which didn't get completed, were giant flowers. They worked in groups to design flowers. They coloured them with the materials they chose...pastels, paint, crayons etc.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Paper Boats. Hannah's group.

Gretchen's lesson with 9 and 10 year olds.

America's Cup
I collected card, sticks, cotton, needles, fabric, PVA and a collection of photos of schooners.
The challenge was for the children to make a 3D boat of their choice. I offered a way of making the hull which was popular, but also altered by some to achieve a different look. I suggested a way of attaching the sail and securing the mast.

The atmosphere in the room was very positive. The children put their own spin on their boats, resulting in a variety of styles.

During the hour after lunch, I showed the children how to make a lizard out of paper. This was for those who had completed their boats. The lizards could be a focus for a whole lesson I think. They are very appealing as they can curl over your shoulder, if made correctly. Here is a pattern.


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